The Art Factor – CRIW CELF 2013

The Art Factor provides extra-curricular activities for the most artistically talented and able pupils to experience inspirational visual arts workshops. The experimental sessions facilitated by professional artists, are aimed at developing the ability and confidence of pupils and encouraging the take up of arts based qualifications within Powys.



CRIW CELF was devised for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils based in South Powys.

Participants of CRIW CELF were been selected by nomination from schools and parents/guardians.


Morag Colquhoun led on the artistic direction of the project, supporting artists during workshops and acting as a consistent point of contact and mentor for participants. Morag selected and curated the project exhibition. Morag led exhibition trips to the permanent collection of the National Galleries of Wales, Cardiff. Participants enjoyed the opportunity to experience and engage with a wide range of art first hand.

Catherine Baker delivered the first workshops at Arts Alive Wales in Crickhowell, introducing drawing and painting techniques and the importance of keeping sketchbooks. Participants explored the use of line and tone, experimented with a range of drawing materials and created portrait and still life drawings. The group also looked at reproductions of famous art including figurative, landscape, abstract, Impressionist, Cubist, Surrealist and Pop Art examples.

Richard Renshaw facilitated sculpture workshops at his studio in Cwmdu. Children went on a guided walk to collect natural objects in the landscape as inspiration for their work. Richard introduced principal sculptural techniques, including casting, carving, engraving and construction. Participants were provided with a range of images of sculpture to gain a sense of the art form in its wider context.

Tessa Waite led workshops exploring art in the environment at Penpont House near Brecon. Participants enjoyed the process of creating sun prints using natural, found objects and used concertina sketchbooks for rapid, outdoor sketching. The group considered the concept of ‘site-specific’ art and created responsive installations in the grounds of Penpont.



November/December 2013. 

The Hours and Brecon Library – first floor exhibition spaces

The project exhibition showcased and celebrated art created by this year’s participants and work by the project artists. See the images in our gallery below from the the private view. The exhibition was officially opened by Councillor Graham Brown.


For more information about the the project  please contact Rebecca Spooner, Arts Development Manager


Tel : 01873 811579

The Art Factor  is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Powys County Council.


project artist Richard Renshaw
project artist Cath Baker
project artist Morag Colquhoun
project artist Tessa Waite
drawing and painting 2
drawing and painting 3
drawing and painting 4
drawing and painting 5
drawing and painting 6
drawing and painting 7
drawing and painting 8
Sculpture 1 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 2 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 3 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 4 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 5 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 6 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 7 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 8 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 9 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Sculpture 10 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 11 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 10 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 9 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 8 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 7(photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 6 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 6 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 5 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 4 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 3 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 2 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Art and the Environment 1 (photo credit: James Hudson)
Arts Council of Wales
Criw Celf
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Art Factor_121113_0088 copy
Art Factor_121113_0097 copy
Art Factor_121113_0108 copy
Art Factor_121113_0113 copy
Art Factor_121113_0127 copy
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Art Factor_121113_0157 copy
Art Factor_121113_0182 copy
Art Factor_121113_0185 copy
Art Factor_121113_0020 copy
Art Factor_121113_0049 copy
Art Factor_121113_0083 copy



Morag Colquhoun – lead artist

Morag’s art work includes video, sculpture, installation, text and performance and she is particularly interested in exploring the relationships between art, energy and ecology. Morag previously worked as an archaeologist and with her horse in forestry. She later studied art at Cardiff School of Art and Design, where she now teaches art and design degree students. Morag has worked on a range of art projects in a variety of places, including rivers, woods and half way up mountains. As well as exhibiting her own art, she has also curated exhibitions of art by other artists and has led art workshops and tours in galleries including the National Gallery of Wales in Cardiff. Morag enjoys teaching art to young people, adults and children and she enjoys encouraging all her students to develop their own interests and abilities in art.


Cath Baker

Cath was born in Bristol and trained at the Royal Academy in London. She has exhibited widely and has taught art classes and workshops for children of various ages, as well as adults. The range of her community work includes huge mural paintings on hoardings and on the sides of buildings, to life drawing, creative painting, collage and craft. Cath’s work starts with ideas from walking through the landscape around her. She makes sketches and notes in her sketchbook – descriptions of colour, weather and mood. The paintings are done in the studio later. She works in thin layers of acrylic paint, and sometimes draws on and through the paint with pencil or charcoal. The resulting pictures are quite abstract – a simplification or distillation of the sketches, looking for patterns and echoes of shapes and lines.


Richard Renshaw

Richard has been a sculptor for the past 25 years and he lives and works in Cwmdu, on the western side of the Black Mountains. It is from a close association with the area, as well as from his background in geology and his mountaineering experience, that Richard has developed his ideas, drawing on the landscape, flora and fauna for inspiration. Most of Richard’s sculpture is made from stone, but he also uses wood, bronze and iron and for the past few years he has taught stone carving and other sculpture techniques to groups of all ages. (photo: David Moore)



Tessa Waite 

Tessa’s work is often triggered by a remembered story or event. She uses a variety of materials and techniques in an intuitive way; exploring the materials and her ideas simultaneously. Collage is a good starting point for her; where images can be played with, changed and combined with other media. She recently made a series of short animated films where this process of change and transformation was revealed and explored. Tessa enjoys working with people of all ages as it gives her the opportunity to share ideas and develop her skills as an artist and communicator. She is currently teaching practical art courses for Aberystwyth University. (photo: Ayton West)




Criw Celf was originally designed and delivered in Conwy and Gwynedd.

CRIW CELF is funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Powys County Council.

Photo credits: Morag Colquhoun, James Hudson, Muriel Gallan.

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