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young poeple stone carving in Talgarthbbc at stone carving workshopArts Alive worked for the first time in Talgarth, using new collaborations between artists, wildlife educators and craftspeople to bring the different parts of the community together and to build stronger awareness of its unique and precious natural resources.

  • Tree Dressing
  • Lanterns Procession
  • Stone Carving


Talgarth was highlighted in the local and national nation news with the renovation of the Talgarth Mill Project as an innovative model for community enterprise and a springboard for local regeneration.

Arts Alive has been supporting the Mill Project working with families and  Talgarth Youth Club engaging them in traditional crafts, celebratory arts projects and practical ways in which especially the young people can bring their input into this new venture.

Tree Dressing celebration, 5th December 2010

A revival of an ancient custom this first event was held in the town hall, with Alexa Farley from the wildlife trust leading tree knowledge games and Lynette Margerison leading natural crafts workshops to make decorations for the fabulous giant oak tree “the lion tree” that stands along the school playing field.

Lantern Making and wildlife workshops, 24th 25th and 26th of February 2011

We have been using a new approach to arts workshops by combining wildlife walks, river dipping, drama games and arts activities over a period of three days. We were working in Talgarth youth club making processional lanterns bringing families and younger children into the youth club space over the spring half term to create new connections between the age groups.  News spread quickly and the workshops were crammed full over the last couple of sessions.

Ben’s comment “Thank you for the lantern and wildlife workshops, I just passed my biology exam because I could show them that I had learnt all that extra stuff in the holidays.”

Tamikas comment “please can we go on some more of those walks I love going out and learning about all that stuff!”

Lantern Procession, 19th March 2011

We had a great turn out for the lantern procession and a great evening with a full moon and balmy weather for March. It was a magical event with a trio of musicians leading the way playing upbeat traditional tunes as we processed in the twilight through the town and out towards a lovely spot natural spot by the river lent by one of the families, where we had refreshments and more music by a campfire.

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