Artistic Policy



A society where everyone has the opportunity to access and participate in the arts.



To enrich the lives of people in rural communities through active and meaningful participation in compelling and high quality contemporary arts and culture.



Arts Alive Wales is an educational arts charity based in Crickhowell, Powys. We use the arts to engage, inspire and enhance the quality of life of individuals and communities in our region. We believe that creative expression is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals and communities and that participation in the arts can transform lives.

We work with professional artists at our venue in Crickhowell, Powys and in communities across the Welsh Borders, Mid and South East Wales to provide the highest quality of opportunity and experience to participants, particularly those who are vulnerable.



We provide opportunities to participate through:

  • Platforms for the production, presentation and sharing of high quality contemporary arts
  • Professional development for artists
  • An ambitious and accessible programme at our public venue and in the community, targeted at children and adults who are most vulnerable
  • Undertaking commissions for projects and public art



  • AMBITION:  we aspire to provide innovative experiences and outcomes that enable our local communities to access contemporary as well as traditional arts practice
  • PROFESSIONALISM: we aspire to model best practice in everything we do as an organisation and value the professionalism of artists and their skills, knowledge and experience.
  • CREATIVITY: we value the creative process as well as the product and focus on the quality of engagement between participant, practitioner and materials.
  • INCLUSION: we strive to eliminate barriers to participation, providing a non-judgmental, secure environment that respects individual needs and abilities.
  • COLLABORATION: we work in partnership with individuals, organisations and communities to achieve social as well as creative outcomes that develop stronger, more resilient communities
  • LEARNING: We support and encourage the talents and skills of everyone we work with, including our own creative team
  • RESPONSIVE: We respond to artists, communities and the wider arts context in Wales to develop opportunities to support ambitious artistic practice and meaningful participation

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