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Rebecca Loncraine, 1974-2016

We are very sad to report that writer Rebecca Loncraine died at her parents’ home in Cwmdu on Saturday 17 September after a long illness.  Rebecca was a dear friend, a valued colleague and a key member of our artistic team who brought passion, sensitivity and energy to her work.  Her Creative Writing for Wellbeing workshops and projects had a tangible and lasting impact on those who she taught and worked with and she will be very greatly missed.

Rebecca played a key role in developing Caban Sgriblio, a wellbeing project for young people, and this project has recently secured Children in Need funding for the next 3 years.  We are so grateful for this lasting contribution to our work and in the New Year, we plan to hold an event to acknowledge her legacy.

We will post again when we have more details and in the meantime, we’ve illustrated Rebecca’s impact on our work through some examples of her work with young people.  Here are extracts from a short publication of poetry by girls who took part in Caban Sgriblio with Rebecca in 2014.


Time can slip away

 Time can slip away

Memories can fade

Days just turn into nights.


Doors can close

Thoughts become clouded

Dark can turn into light.


Sad days can bring you down

While others may not

But a journey is always in sight.


You feel you’re getting worse

You’re sinking at first

But things might not


If you hold your head up high

Have someone by your side

And things will just become right.



What The River Usk Hears

The River Usk hears birds singing up in the trees
and planes flying across the bright blue sky.
It hears rocks tumbling from the eroding soil,

And summer wind.

It hears the slow crashing of waves,
and friendships being created and broken.
It hears cameras clicking,

a rugby match being played,

the rain bouncing off leaves
and squirrels dashing from one branch to the next.
It hears the stuttering engines of cars leaving town
and the splash as the Heron catches its food.
It hears the vague pitter-patter of rain.
It hears the secrets people tell.
It hears crashing along the river banks,

the howling of the wind at night,

the cold wind whistle
and moonlight arriving.
It hears the rustle of the birds dancing in the trees
and a work of art being painted on the riverbank.

Group poem


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  • 1 Anna de Sousa

    So sad to hear that Rebecca is no longer with us. I attended a few of her creative writing workshops, they were truly inspiring and she was such a warm and humble teacher for someone so accomplished. She shared from the heart and touched all of us who had the privilege of working with her. Thank you Rebecca for what you gave us. Your gentleness and kindness will never be forgotten.

  • 2 Lucy Newton

    I am devastated to read this, I attended several of Rebecca’s writing workshops at Arts Alive and they were some of the most inspiring, reassuring and uplifting. I will never forget them and the positive impact they have had on me xxx

  • 3 Susan B. Bentley

    Gutting to hear of Rebecca’s passing. We met at a women writer’s retreat and kept in touch afterwards. She was lovely, funny and so down to earth. So glad she got to do so much gliding, with the feeling of being close to heaven. She will be greatly missed.

  • 4 Wendy Samuel

    So sad. I attended several of Rebecca’s sessions at Arts Alive. She inspired me in many ways. Writing group poems which was new to me is something I still use with others and it gives such pleasure. Thank you Rebecca I will always be thankful that I met you and for all you taught me.

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